donderdag 1 april 2010

In the mix

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  1. Hi again, Denise.

    Thanks for the counter comment on my blog. I will become a Blogger fan/volger of your blog.

    I take it you are from the Netherlands, perhaps. I was at the Amsterdam in Jan 09 on the way to and from my PhD viva in Wales and I reason I have been at that airport one other time at least. I actually saw man some go crazy and get swarmed by the police. Lol, a previous time there. When I was little my family did a tour of Europe and we went to Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

    I have been to Luxembourg and Belgium twice, France twice and Germany once.

    God bless you and your readers.


  2. wauw those pictures are wonderful, the colors are great!

  3. Lovely photo's!
    Heerlijk lentegevoel =)

    xxx Patty


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